Working at Height: The C & S Solution

C&S Equipment has been supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining WALL-MAN® and LIFTMAN compressed-air powered work platforms since 1993.

WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN are well accepted and safe methods of 'Working at Height'. Using these products will aid legislative compliance and improve quality and efficiency.

Our platforms are widely used throughout the world in a range of applications, including:

Working at Height
  • Commercial vehicle repair workshops
  • Bus & Coach repair and maintenance workshops
  • Manufacture of trucks, buses and trains
  • Painting of aircraft wings
  • Powder coating of vehicle trailers
  • Preparation and painting of large industrial engines
  • Workshops that repair and upgrade trains
  • Surface preparation of large architectural items
  • Manufacture of special purpose vehicles and trailers
  • Tank cleaning in chemical recycling facilities
  • Preparation and painting of wind turbine blades and towers
  • Various marine tasks including GRP hull preparation
  • In manufacturing environments, to enable operator to efficiently interface with large mechanical handling devices

Reduced maintenance down time on automated production lines

In all these applications WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN help reduce the time taken to do the job and improve safety and productivity.

If you have to work at height and need a safe, reliable, proven product to increase your efficiency and profit while reducing your risk - contact us today.

If you need an installed or mobile solution for working at height:

  • that is safe
  • that is easy to use
  • that has a well proven series of benefits derived over 20 years of continuous development

...then you need look no further than WALL-MAN or LIFTMAN.


WALL-MAN is air driven, so there are no ignition risks or oil mist hazards. It can also move rapidly and safely to the required working position, and does not obstruct the rest of the work space. It moves in all three axes of operation, simultaneously if required, and can provide access around the object being worked on as well as at the sides and top. The compressed air supply for tools, spray guns and operator breathing air masks can be taken from the onboard supply point.

There is no need for air hoses trailing on the floor.



For stand-alone or non-installed use or where a variety of work areas need to be addressed then the solution is provided by LIFTMAN.

LIFTMAN provides an alternative solution for use in such circumstances where it is not practical to use installed platforms or where the access requirements are limited or the work is outside, for example.

LIFTMAN is compact (only 800 mm x 1050 mm at the base) and has a very tight turning circle. Despite this, it is remarkably stable, and would need to be tipped to almost 30 degrees before it would be at risk of toppling.


As well as a much safer operation significant business productivity gains come from utilisation of WALL-MAN or LIFTMAN.

A comparison with ladders, staging or scaffolds will enable the benefits of using WALL-MAN or LIFTMAN to be seen easily since operators do not constantly need to reposition cumbersome and heavy equipment to complete the job. The result is consistent quality and a reduction in operator fatigue.

In addition to these obvious benefits the following savings should be considered both of which can make a significant contribution to profit:

  • the reduction in lost labour costs resulting from employees being off work following falls
  • the avoidance of consequential or compensatory costs of employee claims following injury

The experienced and skilled staff at C&S Equipment are always on hand to provide advice and guidance in the application of WALL-MAN and LIFTMAN products.

Contact us now and let us help you achieve a safer and more efficient workplace...

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