EFFEX Extraction Units in Action - Videos

Extract gas, smoke, light dust, dust particles, medium particles, heavy particles, water and liquids directly from the source with EFFEX Industrial Extractors...

For employers who carry out welding on their premises, the carcinogenic effects of stainless steel welding are well-known. What is less-widely known is the research that has established that mild steel welding also carries its own carcinogenic risks. The UK Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) guidance can be read here.

Effex has both multiple point extraction and single person fume extraction units. For a single welder, for example, whose job it is to move from place-to-place to carry out welding, the model MB-190 is an ideal solution.

EFFEX MB 190 fume extractor
Fume Extraction Torch

EFFEX MB 190 is a perfect portable solution for fume extraction using a welding torch or nozzle. The MB-190 is an effective extractor, which is economical with no need for filter changes, user friendly with an automatic start / stop function. It's a durable high quality product...

EFFEX High Vacuum Extraction for Industrial Welding

EFFEX High Vacuum Extraction for industrial welding - effective removal of hazardous smoke. EFFEX High Vacuum Extraction products are all you need for removal of gas, dust, smoke, particles & liquids...

EFFEX Fume Extraction for Robots
4 Welding guns

With EFFEX Fume Extraction for robots you can ensure a healthy work environment, reduce costs for both air consumption and maintenance of the robots...

Weld Extraction - EFFEX SP FAN ventilation
fume torch 97% efficiency

The EFFEX SP Fan ventilation has a great impact on the working environment. From a fume torch you will get 97% efficiency - removing almost all fumes. Extracting from the source. Welders will love this !

EFFEX HighVac Weld X traction
5mØ50 Hose 300m3h

High vacuum extraction systems utilize high pressure and low volume of air to capture fume and dust at the source...

Extraction of smoke & fumes
for industrial welding with welding robots

There is a better solution with EFFEX. Now you can focus the extraction close to the welding source and extract the pollution at the source before it spreads in the working environment. It is cost effective and reduces the need for space around the robots...