EFFEX Low, Mid and High Vacuum Extraction Units

Extract gas, smoke, light dust, dust particles, medium particles, heavy particles, water and liquids directly from the source with EFFEX Industrial Extractors...

High-performance and cost-effective EFFEX Industrial Vacuum Extraction Units.

We have a wide range of extraction products designed for different types of extraction. Below the different extraction segment is described and illustrated, based upon what you wish to extract.

The MB units extract fumes and dust directly from the source, avoiding pollution spreading to the operator’s breathing zone. The filtered air will normally be returned to the workshop, but can also be led outside through ducts and hoses. The MB-units has built-in filters.

The SP units are well suited as central units for the extraction of pollution especially when combined with a FU-A filter. The unique flat performance curve of the SP turbines enable them to function efficiently irrespective of the number of extraction positions.

The table shows you the different EFFEX product and where it can be applied for what type of extraction;

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   Users per unit Product   Gas Smoke,
light dust
light particles
& liquid
Gluing Welding, fine sanding Polishing, light grinding, cutting Vacuum cleaning Particle transportation, stone cutting Removal of water and cooling liquid
Low Vacuum 1 Flexi        
1 Superflex        
1 Mobiflex        
1 Wallflex        
1 - 4 V-fans for swing arms        
Mid Vacuum 1 - 30 SM-fans + FU/F - filters in comb. with swing arms, cutting table,hoods, etc      
High Vacuum 1 MB-190
1 - 8 MB-300 / 500 / 1000
1 - 50 SP-Units + FU-filters
1 - 50 SP-CCA units

The Effex high vacuum extraction solution consists of one portable unit, several compact and central units. In addition, we supply filter units and accessories such as nozzles and swing-arms. The filters to use in combination with the SP fan are the vertical type with an efficient cleaning system and easy filter replacement. Multiple filters are installed in series for greater capacity.

  • Smoke
  • Fume
  • Particles
  • Gas
  • Dust
  • Liquid
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The SM fan range incorporates all the most up-to-date principles for medium vacuum extraction applications. The high performance balanced impeller and drive motor are fixed on anti-vibration mountings. A sound and weather proofed enclosure is optional. The low noise levels produced by the SM unit make it suitable for indoor installation. The filters to use in combination with the SM fan are vertical filters with an efficient cleaning system and easy filter replacement. Multiple filters are installed in series for improved capacity.

  • Smoke
  • Fume
  • Gas
  • Dust
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The low vacuum product range consists of swing-arms with and without wall-mounted filters. There is one swing-arm per operating position and it is connected to a local or central extraction unit. By using a central extraction unit, multiple low vacuum swing-arms can create a very cost-saving and efficient extraction solution. The central unit can be a mid or high vacuum extraction unit.

  • Smoke
  • Gas
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