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C&S Equipment has been supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining the WALL-MAN®, LIFTMAN and LIFTMAN FOLD pneumatic compressed-air powered work platforms (Pneumatic Man Lift / Pneumatic Access Platform) since 1993.

If you need a Fixed Pneumatic Access Platform, a Portable Pneumatic Access Platform, or a Compact Pneumatic Access Platform for working at height in an ATEX regulated environment:

  • that is safe
  • that is easy to use
  • that has a well proven series of benefits derived over 20 years of continuous development

...then you need look no further than WALL-MAN or LIFTMAN.

WALL-MAN pneumatic access platform


WALL-MAN is air driven, so there are no ignition risks or oil mist hazards. It can also move rapidly and safely to the required working position, and does not obstruct the rest of the work space. It moves in all three axes of operation, simultaneously if required, and can provide access around the object being worked on as well as at the sides and top. The compressed air supply for tools, spray guns and operator breathing air masks can be taken from the onboard supply point.

There is no need for air hoses trailing on the floor.


LIFTMAN portable pneumatic access platform


For stand-alone or non-installed use or where a variety of work areas need to be addressed then the solution is provided by LIFTMAN.

LIFTMAN provides an alternative solution for use in such circumstances where it is not practical to use installed platforms or where the access requirements are limited or the work is outside, for example.

LIFTMAN is compact (only 800 mm x 1050 mm at the base) and has a very tight turning circle. Despite this, it is remarkably stable, and would need to be tipped to almost 30 degrees before it would be at risk of toppling.


LIFTMAN FOLD foldable portable pneumatic access platform


An ATEX certified pneumatic personal man lift with foldable mast, reducing the need for scaffolds and the cost and time spent on maintenance.

The LIFTMAN FOLD man lift is designed and developed for the offshore and onshore segments for oil and gas installations and the chemical industry.

The LIFTMAN FOLD man lift has a foldable mast, which allows the man lift to be transported through narrow passages and into elevators so the unit can be moved to another level inside a platform or building for maintenance work. It is moved manually by using an integrated handle. The up/down function is driven by compressed air. In cases where no outlet for compressed air is available, scuba diving tanks can be used. The LIFTMAN FOLD can be used with the mast folded as well.


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