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Controls in the operator's cage move WALL-MAN® along all three axes, including extending in, out, and around the vehicle in a spray booth. This versatility enables the operator to paint, mask, add signs, apply decals, or make repairs on high-sided vehicles with greater speed and safety than normally attainable using stepladders or scaffolding.


The easy-to-manoeuvre LIFTMAN access platform is a highly effective way to provide safe, comfortable working conditions almost everywhere ladders or scaffolding are normally used - provided the work area has a reasonably smooth floor and a supply of compressed air.

Effex Extraction

The MB units extract fumes and dust directly from the source, avoiding pollution spreading to the operator’s breathing zone. The filtered air will normally be returned to the workshop, but can also be led outside through ducts and hoses.

We have some basic guidance on working at height available here.