C&S Equipment Covid-19 Statement

To our customers and partners

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing tremendous challenges across the world. In this time of fast-moving change and disruption, we want to reassure you about the steps we have taken and continue to implement to mitigate the effect that this will have on all of our stakeholders.

C&S Equipment Ltd has been serving the public and private sectors for almost three decades, and we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction for all of our customers and clients; especially and even more so in challenging times such as this.

While the current situation is unprecedented in its scale, we are confident that our experience, processes, infrastructure, products and services and most importantly – people – will ensure we are resilient and able to fully support our customer needs.

Our immediate priority is our staff – their well-being and that of their families, and also ensuring they are able to continue serving our valued customers.

At our office and warehouse, we have set-up additional hygiene and cleaning practices in line with Government and the WHO advice and we will maintain this for as long as is needed. While we value and encourage face to face contact with our customers and partners, we have ceased non-essential travel – meetings will continue using digital channels such as Skype for Business or Zoom.

To ensure Business Continuity, we have already invested significantly into our IT infrastructure enabling us to maintain and support all our internal and customer facing services. This includes enhanced monitoring and remote restoration of services should that be necessary.

As you’d expect of a business that works closely with the Aerospace, Military and Public Transport sectors, C&S Equipment holds ISO9001 accreditation – ensuring we have tightly audited processes and controls in place across the business.

We have invoked our Business Continuity Plan in respect of home working. Again, following Government advice, we are ensuring that our staff are equipped with the tools and guidance that they need to work effectively from home: helping to reduce risk for them and their families, and also maintaining business continuity for our customers. We have fully tested our approach and are confident that our parts supply service will not be adversely affected. Labour for site service response may be affected depending on Government guidelines at the time of the request. For site locations that ordinarily require technicians’ overnight stays this could also be affected due to lack of accommodation until restrictions are lifted. We are keen to work with you to resolve any issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us.